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Either you are thinking of calling it quits or your spouse just served you with divorce papers. Whether it will be uncontested or a fight to the finish, the decisions you make during this time will have an enormous impact on you for the rest of your life. Read all about a Texas Divorce.

Child Custody, Support, and Visitation

Minimizing the impact of divorce on the children is important. The goal is to design a Parenting Plan that is in the best interest of the children. These plans cover child supportcustody and visitation. We also assist with modifications to existing orders, enforcement, and rights terminations.

Property Division

A common misconception is that all of your possessions are community property and will be split in a divorce. Texas has both community and separate property laws that can be an issue. Property division can be complicated so it is important to understand Community vs. Separate Property.

Other Family Law Services…

We can assist you with a wide-variety of Family Law related issues including whether a Prenup/Postnup Agreement is right for your situation. Other areas of help include paternity issues, protective orders, jurisdiction issues, and dealing with the Texas Attorney General on your behalf.

Erase/Seal Your Criminal Record

We all make mistakes and some of those mistakes result in criminal records. These records often have a negative impact on employment, other opportunities, or are simply embarrassing. Call us today to see whether you qualify to have your criminal records expunged (erased) or sealed.

Consumer Protection, Real Estate, And More…

Although the Handler Law Firm is focused on Family Law and Criminal Record Expungement, contact us to see if we can help your different circumstances. Whether it involves Consumer Law, Residential Real Estate, or legal questions in general, we can usually help you or get you in contact with someone who can.

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An informal or “common-law” marriage is a marriage between two people who agree to be married, live together in Texas as spouses, and hold themselves out to others in Texas as spouses, but who have not obtained a marriage license and participated in a marriage ceremony. Informal marriages have been recognized in Texas since 1847.… Read More

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There appears to be a public misconception when it comes to the primary residence of and/or visitation with a child who has reached the age of 12. The Texas Family Code states in part that “the public policy of this state is to: (1) assure that children have frequent and continuing contact with parents who… Read More

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Texas recognizes different types of “Assault.” This blog post is limited to instances of assault that inflicts bodily injury. It does not cover other types of assault, such as offensive physical contact or threat of bodily injury, or claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, or premises liability. The simplest example of assault… Read More

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I love dogs. The majority of people love dogs – even the breeds that have a bad reputation. (The dogs, not the people). But even if you love dogs or any other domesticated animal, you don’t deserve to be injured by one. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, a division of the Centers for… Read More

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