Whether you already know a real estate agent, or need to find one, contact us first if you are considering moving within the next year.

The real estate market has shifted within the last several months and most real estate agents are being disrupted because they are helping clients the old way.

Lets talk, even if you’re not moving for a year and even if your best friend is a real estate agent. We will provide you with a free consultation, and possibly provide free on-going advice during your next transaction.

Selling Your House

920x920Should you move this year or wait? Use a real estate agent or online offer service? What is the best price strategy? We will help you analyze the best choices for your circumstances. Free.

We have vetted and partnered with industry leaders to further enhance your selling and buying options in ways far superior than what most real estate agents can do on their own – and at lower costs.

Selling your home in this market is so easy – even a real estate agent can do it. Selling it at the top or even above market price – that takes highly refined business processes, negotiation skills, and marketing savvy. We can show you how you can end up with more money at the end of the transaction.

Finding and Buying Your Next Home

52ffb668546145eadb21ce4b37910986Did you know that picking the wrong lender can cause you not to win your next house? Do you know the 15 different strategies that can help you beat other buyers and still get the best price? We will help you analyze the best choices for your circumstances. Free.

Buyers and their agents are tripping over each other searching the same web sites and MLS for homes on the market. Let us give you the added advantage of seeing some of the best homes before they get advertised to everyone else.

Get cash-back when purchasing a new-construction home

New residential construction home framing against a blue skyRetain our services before visiting a builder anywhere in Texas and we can often help you get thousands in cash incentives over and above any incentives the builder might offer.

Apartment Incentives


Owning a home is almost always better for you financially than renting. But if you decide that renting an apartment is the way to go for now, call us first.

We can help you obtain incentives that you won’t be able to get if you simply walk into a leasing office first. Give us a call to learn the incentive options currently available. We can often help pay for your move or get you a cash reward.