Jasmine T., February 2022

Thank you to Mr. Handler’s office. My credit card debt was negotiated from over $17K all the way down to $9K. I saved over $8,000 by speaking with Mr. Handler for 30 minutes about my lawsuit!

Patricia K., January 2022

I was sued for a past-due credit card and none of the credit card company’s lawyers would talk to me. One call to lawyer Vince Handler and I had a roadmap of everything I needed to do. I went to court BY MYSELF and I got the case dismissed by saying exactly what Mr Handler… Read More

E.B., August 2018

I talked to several lawyers about a divorce. Vince Handler was the most informative and honest. He was helpful, straightforward and explained things very clearly. I will definitely refer people to the Handler Law Firm.

T.S., June 2021

With my first marriage, I tried to save money by not hiring a lawyer and it ended up costing me a lot more. Unfortunately, my second marriage failed as well. But this time, lawyer Vince Handler was my saving grace. Easy to understand the process and it was relatively inexpensive.