divorcedwomenEither you are thinking of calling it quits or your spouse just served you with divorce papers. Whether it will be uncontested or a fight to the finish, the decisions you make during this time will have an enormous impact on you for the rest of your life.

Divorce is one of the most frustrating experiences in life and takes an emotional toll on everyone, no matter how tough you are. And when kids are involved, the stakes are even higher.

What you need fast is a solution and professional help navigating the labyrinth of laws and potential pitfalls. Family laws are constantly changing. In fact, there have been some significant updates within the last year that could impact your life.

Some divorces can be handled out of court through negotiation and mediation. Some require creative problem solving depending on the circumstances.

Divorce Topics

Contested/Uncontested Divorce
Standing Orders
Divorce Waiting Period
Community versus Separate Property
Property Division
Child Support
Child Custody/Visitation
Common Terms in a Texas Divorce